Most frequent questions and answers

Generally, anything more than one light in one room requires Title 24 Compliance.

We guarantee our fast service, usually completed within 24 hours. We guaranteed that your report will meet the Title 24 requirements, and we guarantee you will pass plan check without issue. 

We will need floor plans with North arrow, all exterior wall, window and door dimensions, as well as elevations/sections. We prefer the plans to be in PDF format.  For addition remodel projects please include demo or as-built plan to include all the Existing window sizes, including those being removed.

Yes please click here to get an instant quote by email.

Yes, usually the easiest and fastest way to get this done is to take a good quality photo of your floor plan with your smartphone or have the pages scanned at a Fedex/Kinko’s/Staples or local blueprint shop, and then submit through our website order form. 

Yes, we can work with architects and designers directly.